Oliver Brown, Haymarket


Eating carbs for dessert isn’t some­thing that I can com­fort­ably do without inten­tion­ally under­eat­ing dur­ing the meal before­hand. Eating dessert as a meal itself, as fun as that sounds in the moment, is nev­er a good idea. So after filling up on light noodles, N and I headed over to Oliver Brown where we had wanted to try the churros for some time. It’d been over 6 years since I last had churros (at San Churro in Glebe), so anoth­er taste was well over­due!


We had the Baked Churros for 2 ($12.50) — 12 churros with milk and dark chocol­ate dip­ping pots.

Unlike your typ­ic­al deep-fried churros, these are baked. They get their shape from the press that’s used. The churros are fresh, crispy on the out­side and fluffy on the inside, which makes for a very sat­is­fy­ing and more-ish dessert. The cin­na­mon on many of the churros was a tad overly gen­er­ous, which made gave the churros a harsh and bit­ter taste when eaten by itself. The bit­ter­ness was eas­ily solved with the milk chocol­ate dip­ping pot, but was accen­tu­ated by the dark chocol­ate. Without cin­na­mon though, I think the dark chocol­ate dip­ping pot would’ve been quite tasty. The amount of chocol­ate in the dip­ping pots was just right for 12 churros.


And the Rose Lemonade ($6.50). N’s on a quest to find zesty lem­on­ade without hav­ing to make it her­self. Disappointingly, though, this tasted like Schweppes Lemonade mixed with rose syr­up.

Oliver Brown is loc­ated at Shop 6, The Quay, 79 Quay St, Haymarket, NSW 2000.