Menya Noodle Bar, Haymarket


There are two types of ramen: 1) the fresh kind you find in res­taur­ants, and 2) the instant kind you find in Asian gro­cery stores. Other than both being noodles, the two types taste noth­ing like each oth­er. Even the tex­ture of the noodles are dif­fer­ent.

I love the instant kind, which come in an end­less array of fla­vours, and even have crav­ing for cer­tain fla­vours some­times. The fresh kind, though? I’m not too keen on, and nev­er crave — it’s a very aver­age food. But if I ever did crave ramen, or if any­one ever wanted to eat ramen with me, there are def­in­itely places that are bet­ter than oth­ers.


I went back to Menya Noodle Bar to try their ramen in a clear­er broth — Menya Ramen in a soy chick­en broth ($9.30). The miso pork broth that I tried earli­er was unpleas­antly col­laganeous.

The ramen comes with one half of a soy sauce mar­in­ated egg, one slice of chashu (stewed pork), two slices of naruto (fish cake), some bam­boo shoots, fried and spring onion, and a sheet of nori (sea­weed). I breathed a sigh of relief at the clear as it meant the noodles didn’t leave a linger­ing, gritty and thick film over my teeth. The noodles had a good bite to them and the soup was fla­vour­ful. I also quite enjoyed the bite of the bam­boo shoots, the nov­elty of eat­ing naruto, and can nev­er res­ist a soft gooey egg. I still found the pork too fatty, but on the whole it was tasty for ramen.

So yes, I’d take someone want­ing to eat ramen here!

Menya Noodle Bar is loc­ated at 8/​8 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000.