Kanzi Fashion Cafe, Haymarket


Kanzi Fashion Cafe is a Korean cafe that occu­pies half the retail space not occu­pied by the Korean cloth­ing store. Browsing or an interest in cloth­ing isn’t neces­sary to enjoy or even access the cafe, as the two are sep­ar­ated by a brick wall although each can be seen from the oth­er through win­dows.


As I’ve come to expect from Korean cafes, its fur­nished with some­what organ­ised unmatched fur­niture. So all the chairs at a table will match, but not with the chairs at anoth­er table. A vis­it around noon left us spoiled for choice, but the cafe stead­ily filled up with couples and fun­nily enough, people doing busi­ness.


N and I were first here for the Honeydew Melon Bingsu ($18.80). It’s half a hon­ey­dew mel­on. The flesh has been globed. A mel­on-fla­voured ice cream bar and shaved ice fills the res­ult­ing cav­ity. The globes of honey dew are packed onto the sur­face of the shaved ice. The whole thing is topped with two scoops of vanilla ice cream.

The bingsu was quite impress­ive. The hon­ey­dew mel­on was a decent size, and tasted fresh, sweet and firm but not overly ripe. The shaved ice was fla­voured with con­densed milk with a fluffy tex­ture, although it still had vis­ible water crys­tals so wasn’t creamy to taste. The mel­on-fla­voured ice cream bar was deli­ciously mel­on-y as expec­ted (it’s the same as the mel­ona bars you find in Korean gro­cery stores). Really, the only thing I’d change about this dessert is to replace the vanilla ice cream with scoops of mel­on-fla­voured ice cream. Of course, mel­on-fla­voured ice cream doesn’t come in tubs, and the creamy white of vanilla ice cream makes for pret­ti­er present­a­tion (rather than all green).

They also offer rock­mel­on, as well oth­er chocol­ate, red bean, or chopped fruit bingsu for the same price. The hon­ey­dew and rock­mel­on bingsu seemed to be the best ‘value’ for money in that the fruit was guar­an­teed to be decent and fresh (not canned).


We later went back to try their drinks: Watermelon Slushie ($6.50) and Mojito Slushie ($6.50). Both drinks are made with fresh fruit, so there’s none of the arti­fi­cial fla­vour tastes that you get from else­where. The water­mel­on tastes like blen­ded frozen water­mel­on, while the mojito slush­ie has tastes like fresh limes blen­ded with ice and lime zest. The only down­side to them using fresh limes in the mojito slush­ie is the bits of pith that end up in the drink. It’s some­thing I can do without, but it does add tex­ture to the drink, so it’s for­giv­able.

Kanzi Fashion Cafe is loc­ated at 393 – 399 Sussex St, Haymarket NSW 2000.