Paradise Biryani House, North Strathfield


D and I have been spend­ing some time in Strathfield on the week­ends lately, and after look­ing for places to eat around Strathfield area and com­ing up short, T sug­ges­ted we try Parade Biryani House in North Strathfield. T and N had been back on two con­sec­ut­ive days, it must be worth try­ing. Upon enter­ing, the air is filled with the smells of spices.


We star­ted with sam­o­sas (3 pieces for $6.90), which came with a side of mint yoghurt.


D and I love the com­bin­a­tion of potato and curry. These sam­o­sas were two kinds of hot: they came out pip­ing hot and they were spicy hot. I’m rather weak on the spicy hot scale (I order extra mild curry at Japanese curry places), so the mint yoghurt became imper­at­ive to mel­low­ing the fla­vours of the sam­osa. Even D, who enjoys the burn­ing sen­sa­tion of chilli pep­pers, found them ‘really spicy’, which is say­ing some­thing! The potato innards, how­ever, were deli­ciously fluffy and the pastry was crispy.


After rave reviews from T and N about their but­ter chick­en, it only made sense to try it for ourselves.

The but­ter chick­en ($14.90) is a fra­grant and rich curry. I’d been turned off but­ter chick­en after try­ing the exceed­ing dry homemade but­ter chick­en brought in by English teach­er (with an Indian back­ground) almost a dec­ade ago. But the chick­en pieces in this curry were juicy and tender. It’s a rather sweet curry, and though spicy in the sense of being full of spice fla­vours, was not hot in the sense of leav­ing a burn­ing sen­sa­tion at all. This is my kind of curry.


The gar­lic naans ($2.90 each) were thin and crispy, and good for soak­ing up the curry. They weren’t doughy like I’d came to expect from upper cam­pus at UNSW. While the naan went some way to break­ing through the rich­ness of the but­ter chick­en, I’d say rice would have been the bet­ter choice.

I’m no con­nois­seur of Indian cuisine, but I’d def­in­itely return if I ever had the crav­ing for Indian food.

Paradise Biryani House is loc­ated at 14 George St, North Strathfield NSW 2137.