Glico Pocky Milk Cocoa

This cute box is Glico Pocky Milk Cocoa, a chocol­ate bis­cuit stick coated in milk cocoa and speckled with chocol­ate.

And it tastes just like milk cocoa. The bis­cuit stick is cocoa fla­voured, but it’s not sweetened as with nor­mal Pocky, so it bal­ances out the sweet­ness from the enrob­ing fudge, which has the tasty cream­i­ness of good milk cocoa. D poin­ted out that the Pocky has a ‘Japanese smell’, which I usu­ally asso­ci­ate with tea-fla­voured products. That said, it doesn’t taste like tea at all.

The pack­aging is too cute! Parts of the box also pop out so the bear’s hands are raised. The bear is Kumamon, a mas­cot designed ori­gin­ally for Kumamoto, a rur­al town in south­ern Japan. The pre­fec­ture allows any com­pany to use the bear on their products for free so long as it has some link to the Kumamoto pre­fec­ture (be it a single ingredi­ent ori­gin­at­ing from there or a single line endors­ing the pre­fec­ture), so it’s not sur­pris­ing that the bear mas­cot has since taken the rest Japan by storm and appears not on only this Pocky box but, among oth­er things, boxes for fresh toma­toes at the super­mar­ket! In this Pocky, the milk cocoa enrob­ing fudge is made from Kumamoto milk.

The box of Glico Pocky Milk Cocoa con­tained one bag of ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan, and pur­chased in Okachimachi, Tokyo, Japan in 2014.