Lupicia Mountain Grape Oolong

There are very few teas in my col­lec­tion that I’ve had the pleas­ure of try­ing before buy­ing. One excep­tion is the Lupicia Mountain Grape Oolong. Drinking this tea again, Lupicia’s descrip­tion is spot on: ‘a qual­ity Taiwan oolong tea with a clear taste, dressed in an eleg­ant fra­grance of wild grapes’.

The dried looseleaf is fra­grant with notes of sweet red grapes.

Steeping 3 g of looseleaf for 4 minutes in 85°C water yields a trans­lu­cent golden yel­low liquor with a sweet grape and prom­in­ent veget­al nose. Served hot, fresh notes of lightly oxid­ised oolong come through clearly in the head and devel­op with a more veget­al fla­vour by the body before the notes of moun­tain grape appear in the fin­ish as a fla­vour without sweet­ness, and linger long on the after­taste with a mild astrin­gency. The smell of the tea is an integ­ral part of tast­ing this tea, as its bright, sweet fra­grance car­ries most of the grape fla­vour. The tea alone, without the aroma, tastes much like a straight oolong with barely-there notes of wild grape.

Lupicia’s teas con­firm my first impres­sions of eleg­ance and refine­ment. Nothing is too bold or over­power­ing, everything is bal­anced.

The bag of Lupicia Mountain Grape Oolong con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Taiwan and was pur­chased in Melbourne, Australia in 2014.