Lupicia Chestnut Green Tea

There’s noth­ing quite like the sweet nutty warmth of roas­ted chest­nuts on a late autumn after­noon. Lupicia Chestnut Green Tea is avail­able only in the autumn/​winter months. I bought this in Japan, after find­ing it out of stock in the Melbourne store just a week out of winter.

The tea leaf is a mix of green tea leaves and small cubes of roas­ted chest­nuts. Steeping 3 g of the tea leaf in 200 ml of almost boil­ing water yields a liquor slightly more golden than a typ­ic­al green tea. The sweet nut­ti­ness of chest­nuts is evid­ent in the smell of the tea that also comes through in the taste. A first sip gives ini­tial veget­al notes from the green tea before giv­ing way to the earthy nut­ti­ness of the chest­nut that intens­i­fies to include the sweet­ness of chest­nuts. The sweet­ness is nat­ur­al and enjoy­able and lingers as an after­taste with the slight astrin­gency from the green tea. It’s an immensely com­fort­ing, yet also, eleg­ant tea.

The bag of Lupicia Chestnut Green Tea con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Japan and was pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.