Black Star Pastry, Newtown


Sometimes, your memory can enhance your exper­i­ence of the food. Food also gen­er­ally tastes bet­ter the hun­gri­er you are. But there’s a sure sign to know some­thing really tastes deli­cious — when it still tastes deli­cious after a meal where you’re so full that you’re con­vinced you couldn’t pos­sibly fit in anoth­er bite.

Black Star Pastry is home to one of those deli­cious foods: Strawberry Watermelon Cake with Rose Scented Cream ($7.50). Since my last vis­it two years ago, it’s exten­ded into the shop space next door. Customers now have some­where with a table to sit at to enjoy your cakes rather than just perch­ing on stools out­side on the pave­ment.


Blackstar Pastry is fam­ous for this cake. And it is, among the long of foods attract­ing hype, most deserving of the hype — it tastes and looks as good as it’s made out to be, wheth­er it’s the first time I’ve enjoyed it, or the second.


The cake con­sists of ‘two lay­ers of almond dac­quoise, fresh whipped cream, water­mel­on, straw­ber­ries, Iranian pista­chios and rose petals’. Blackstar Pastry describes it per­fectly as ‘fresh, light and fra­grant’. I’m not usu­ally one to eat whipped cream or rose scen­ted foods, but the rose scen­ted cream in this cake is just per­fect — it’s fra­grant without being like a per­fume. The almond dac­quoise adds a nutty note to that fra­grance, while the crunch of the water­mel­on and and fresh straw­ber­ries bring tex­ture to the cake. Together, each bite is light as a feath­er.

This makes it the per­fect cake to fol­low a big lunch. Even after you’re con­vinced you have no room for anoth­er bite of food, your stom­ach will make room for this cake.

Black Star Pas­try is loc­ated at 277 Aus­tralia Street, New­town NSW 2042.