TWG Tea Chamomile Infusion


Chamomile tea is a sleep­ing aid. I’m not sure that it helps me sleep bet­ter, but it cer­tainly doesn’t keep me up like caf­fein­ated teas, so it’s a com­fort tea I like to reach for in the after­noon. And this is TWG Tea Chamomile Infusion, brought back by K from Singapore.


TWG mar­kets itself as a lux­ury brand. It uses hand sewn cot­ton tea bags that hold a gen­er­ous amount of chamo­mile flowers, which dis­tin­guishes it from the less ‘lux­uri­ous’ brands that have already broken up the flowers into coarse grinds.


Infusing one tea bag, or 2.5 grams, in 200 ml of just boiled water for 4 minutes yields a golden yel­low liquor. While infus­ing, there’s a very grassy aroma, but once infused, the liquor smells of a heady honey-like sweet­ness. In fla­vour, there’s a deep earth­i­ness — very slightly bit­ter with a mel­low sweet­ness — from the first sip that devel­ops into the char­ac­ter­ist­ic (non-acid­ic) apple notes of chamo­mile in the body and lingers long, but lightly, in the after­taste. Compared to oth­er chamo­mile teas, like Twining’s, the chamo­mile here is more fra­grant and bright­er. The high­er qual­ity of the chamo­mile flowers yields up to three infu­sions, each tast­ing as good as the first.

This tea bag of TWG Tea Chamomile Infusion was packed in Singapore and gif­ted by col­leagues vis­it­ing Singapore in 2015.