Menya Noodle Bar, Haymarket


A trip to Menya Noodle Bar had been on N and my agenda for a very long time. Except ramen always lost out to oth­er Japanese rice and noodle options in the vicin­ity. This time, though, we were determ­ined to eat there.

You place and pay for your order with a lady at a desk imme­di­ately to the left of the entrance. With the trend towards the digit­al in Japanese res­taur­ants, it seems only a mat­ter of time before she’s replaced by a touch screen order­ing sys­tem (we seem to have skipped vend­ing machines).


I order the Menya Tonkotsu Miso Ramen (10.40). I’ve nev­er ordered a thick col­la­gen-rich soup based ramen. I’ve nev­er thought I’d appre­ci­ate it and have always opted for shoyu and shio based soups, which are mostly clear. On a moment of whim, though, I ordered the thick soup.

The soup means the noodles leave a gritty (from the miso?) col­la­gen film over your lips and teeth that lingers until you brush your teeth. It’s not a pleas­ant sen­sa­tion to eat or to taste, so in the future, I’ll stick to my clear­er soup bases. The slices of pork looked rather dry, but were actu­ally rather fatty — I like fatty but I’d like more than a slith­er of meat with my fat.

Overall, the ramen was mediocre, but I’ll have to try their shoyu ramen before writ­ing them off.


And just for fun, N had the ramen that came with noth­ing but 3 eggs. It seemed far more filling than my ramen, and it was only $0.50 more.

Menya Noodle Bar is loc­ated at 8/​8 Quay St, Haymarket NSW 2000.