English Tea Shop Apple Raspberry Rosehip Ripple


As a child, I lived across from the love­li­est old lady who would often invite us over for after­noon tea. She’d spoil us with cook­ies and cakes. Accompanying the cook­ies and cakes dur­ing our after­noon teas with this lady was rose­hip tea. Having grown up drink­ing rose­hip tea meant it formed part of my col­lec­tion of what D calls ‘my cas­u­al teas’, i.e. the teas I drink day in and day out. Rosehip teas don’t excite me.

But! I am fix­ated with all things apple, and I was power­less to res­ist when this English Tea Shop Apple Raspberry Rosehip Ripple seemed like a deli­cious twist on an old staple.

Indeed, I quite enjoy the range offered by English Tea Shop. Compared to oth­er brands, their teas are more mel­low — the fla­vours are there, loud and clear, but without scream­ing at you with the same intens­ity. With red berry teas, I find the tea tends to reach a sour note. But I guess that’s not a com­pletely fair com­par­is­on, because there’s only rasp­berry in this English Tea Shop tea, and the sweet­ness of the apple goes a long way to bal­ance the tart­ness of the rasp­ber­ries. With the subtle flor­al notes of rose­hip — I avoid pure rose­hip tea — the tea is very easy to drink.

Easy to drink teas are com­fort teas — the teas I drink when I don’t want to delib­er­ate over which tea in my vast col­lec­tion I want to drink — and I’m always happy to add more to that list!

This box of English Tea Shop Apple Raspberry Rosehip Ripple con­tained 20 envel­opes. It was packed in the United Kingdom and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2015.