Bagel & Coffee Company, Parramatta


It’s not often that I’m in Parramatta these days. The last time was when I’d vis­ited the Parole Board for my elect­ive pen­o­logy class back in uni­ver­sity. And a lot’s changed since then –

For one, the Ogalo in the food court is now the Bagel & Coffee Company. They have 8 fla­vours bagels to choose from for 22 avail­able innards com­bin­a­tions. Talk about spoiled for choice!


This is the Chicken Schnitzel Bagel ($9.80). It’s on a cheese bagel, with chick­en schnitzel, tomato, lettuce and may­on­naise.


Watching them make my bagel, I know there’s a whole schnitzel, three slices of tomato and whole heap­ing of lettuce. All these innards gave me with a tasty bagel tower. The bagel was just the right chewy tex­ture, which made it more­ish. The chick­en schnitzel was very juicy — the per­son pre­par­ing my bagel checked to make sure it was cooked when he assembled the bur­ger, so kudos for help­ing cus­tom­ers avoid sal­mon­ella. I find the three slices of tomato exceed­ingly gen­er­ous — one slice is usu­ally the norm in a bur­ger — but I love tomato!

While it’s a rather expens­ive bagel, it cer­tainly doesn’t skimp on the innards.

Bagel & Coffee Company is loc­ated at Level 5, Westfield Parramatta, 175 Church St, Parramatta NSW 2150.