Teekanne Cool Sensations Apple & Elderflower Infusion


It’s been so hot and humid this past sum­mer in Sydney that I’ve not had much of a chance to enjoy many of my teas from Japan at home out­side of my office where its always just above freez­ing. Teekanne Cool Sensations Apple & Elderflower Infusion, how­ever, is a cold brew infu­sion.


Infusing one tea bag in 200 ml of cold water for 7 minutes yields a lightly golden brown liquor tinged a beau­ti­ful pink. As the infu­sion is designed for cold brew, the res­ult­ing infu­sion is just as strong as those infused in hot water. There’s the nat­ur­al sweet­ness of ripe and juicy apples — much like an apple juice with reduced sug­ar con­tent — that come through brightly in the smell and in the head, before flor­al notes of eld­er­flower emerge briefly in the body and recede to leave refresh­ing notes of crisp and juicy in the after­taste. The eld­er­flower here adds interest to an oth­er­wise refresh­ing apple tea.

The pack­aging sug­gests infus­ing one tea bag in 250 ml of cold water for 5 – 8 minutes depend­ing on desired strength. I found my habit of infus­ing in 200 ml for 7 minutes yiel­ded a stronger infu­sion, which I pre­ferred.

This box of Teekanne Cool Sensations Apple & Elderflower Infusion con­tained 20 envel­opes. It was pro­duced in Germany and pur­chased in Nagoya, Japan in 2014.