N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney


N2 Extreme Gelato has been around for years and years, and I finally made a pit stop on the way to attend­ing a colleague’s book launch. Their gelato is made to order using liquid nitro­gen with fla­vours chan­ging every week on Thursdays, with the excep­tion of mango sorbet being a menu staple.


They make the gelato in front of you so watch­ing the the­at­rics as the liquid nitro­gen fog creeps across the counter and out to the wait­ing area is part of the exper­i­ence.


The first time, I tried the yuzu sake sorbet (~4% alco­hol). I’m not much of a fan of sake but I do love yuzu. My pen­chant for yuzu fla­voured foods took off while I was in Japan, even though I was aware of it pre­vi­ously. It’s a very inter­est­ing cit­rus — it’s fla­vour is sweet and also a tad bit­ter, but not so sweet as a man­dar­in or bit­ter as a grapefruit.

The yuzu and sake sorbet was deli­cious. The dom­in­ant fla­vour is yuzu, with the sake being very subtle and hav­ing none of the unpleas­ant­ness that I’ve exper­i­enced from drink­ing most sake. This left the sorbet par­tic­u­larly refresh­ing for a hot summer’s after­noon.


A couple of days later, I vis­ited again with N and T after work. They’d changed the menu by then so this time, I tried Pash Me Pavlova. Pash Me Pavlova is a a creamy pas­sion­fruit and straw­berry gelato with crunchy meringue pieces through out. Strawberry dom­in­ated the gelato, with the only hint of pas­sion­fruit being pas­sion­fruit seeds and a slight tangi­ness. I did enjoy the meringue pieces, though. They gave some much needed tex­ture to typ­ic­al heav­i­ness asso­ci­ated with a creamy gelato.

In the back­ground to this photo, you can see the chalk­board wall that lists all the fla­vours of gelato that have fea­tured on their menu.

N2 Extreme Gelato is at 43/​1 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW 2000.