Lupicia Melon Oolong


My whirl­wind 36 hour stay in Melbourne in 2014 had one must-see des­tin­a­tion — Lupicia. The store sells black, green tea, oolong, fla­voured & herb­al teas. Its selec­tion is vast, refined and eleg­ant, and exudes none of the ‘hip­ster’ vibe that T2 embod­ies. As a must-see des­tin­a­tion on a very short trip, I went armed with a long list.

One of these is the Lupicia Melon Oolong. It’s described per­fectly by Lupicia as ‘a great com­bin­a­tion of juicy mel­ons and aro­mat­ic Taiwanese oolong tea’.

It takes only a whiff to know that the fla­vour is one of a green mel­on, per­haps a hon­ey­dew. It has the taste of a well ripened green mel­on without the excess­ive sweet­ness. While the smell and taste of mel­on are obvi­ous, though, it’s equally obvi­ous that it’s an oolong. That isn’t to say it’s a strong tea — it’s just well-bal­anced with a round fla­vour.

This bag of Lupicia Melon Oolong con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Taiwan and was pur­chased in Melbourne, Australian in 2014.