Istanbul on King, Newtown


Istanbul on King is a rather non­des­cript shop front on a corner block on King Street in Newtown. While the bulk of its cus­tom­ers seem to buy food for takeaway there are a couple seats fur­ther into the back of the shop for those who need some­where to eat. It’s fur­nished in Persian col­ours and rugs, as well as some his­tor­ic­al prints. It’s really not too shabby.


I had the chick­en bur­ger on K’s recom­mend­a­tion. I’m not much of a chilli per­son so passed on the chilli sauce. The bur­ger bun itself is made fresh in store I’m told. And it shows — the sur­face of the bun is deli­ciously crispy while the innards are soft and fra­grant like you’d expect of bread out of the oven.

The chick­en was tender and juicy too. I’m rather ter­ri­fied of dry, stringy chick­en breast — the tex­ture gives me the chills, weird I know — so order­ing chick­en without know­ing what part of the chick­en it is, is a gamble. Coated in some melted cheese and a bit of lettuce and it was a rather tasty bur­ger even dur­ing the hot weath­er.

Istanbul on King is loc­ated at 159 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042.