Chanoma Cafe, Sydney


The chew­iness of shiratama dango is some­thing I crave some­times. Nothing in Western sweets quite com­pares. And Chanoma Cafe is just the place to sat­is­fy those crav­ings.


This time, I try the matcha anmistu ($6.50) with extra shiratama ($0.50), but received the matcha fruit anmitsu. Both were the same price, the only dif­fer­ence being the addi­tion of fruit, so I wasn’t fussed.

Anmitsu is a Japanese dessert tra­di­tion­ally served with matcha dur­ing Japanese tea cere­mon­ies. This dessert replaces the matcha in tea form with matcha in soft serve form. The matcha soft serve here elim­in­ates the bit­ter­ness that I some­times get from drink­ing matcha as a tea. Brown sug­ar is drizzled over the top for added sweet­ness. Underneath the matcha soft serve is agar jelly, which has a crumbly tex­ture that’s unlike the boun­ci­ness of nor­mal gelat­ine jelly. The canned fruit was also mushy as expec­ted.

As for my reas­on for vis­it­ing Chanoma Cafe, the shiratama dango was, as always, deli­ciously chewy and elast­ic — two plain dango and one cha­dango (green tea fla­voured) on a stick. So if I had received what I ordered, I’d have been quite sat­is­fied — the jelly was only a minor issue.


On a second vis­it, I try their shiratama dango with anko (red bean paste) and kinako. The toasted dango gives an addict­ive crispy skin to the chewy dango, while the anko and kinako give it a pleas­ant nutty sweet­ness.

Chanoma Cafe is loc­ated at Shop 1, Regent Place Arcade, 501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.