Brickfields, Chippendale


I hadn’t been back to Brickfields since vis­it­ing on a hot spring after­noon last year and try­ing their pas­sion­fruit house made lem­on­ade. But my absence wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy my lem­on­ade — I did immensely — life just got so busy that it quietly slipped off my radar. With half an hour free before head­ing to work, C sug­ges­ted that I vis­it Brickfields. Their brownie, she assured me, would not dis­ap­point.


I’m not the easi­est per­son to impress, and I almost nev­er eat some­thing and pro­claim it is the best of its kind. But there are excep­tions, and the almond and white chocol­ate brownie ($4) at Brickfields is without doubt the best brownie I’ve had in my life. And I can bake a mean brownie — my brownies dis­ap­pear into tum­mies in a flash and N can eat the entire tray in less than 24 hours.

This brownie is deli­ciously rich, yet sur­pris­ingly light. The innards of this brownie are neither crumbly and cakey, nor dense and fudgey, but some­where in between, which makes it so easy to keep eat­ing. And if the per­fect innards weren’t enough to make this the best brownie ever, its top is crispy and gen­er­ous num­ber of nuts and specks of white chocol­ate fea­ture through­out. I’ve been dream­ing about this brownie ever since my first!


I went back a few days later to pick up brownies for D and to try anoth­er of their pastries: the plum tart with brown sug­ar and fran­gi­pane ($5.50). I ini­tially thought the fran­gi­pane com­pon­ent meant it tasted like fran­gi­panis (the flower), but to my delight, it’s just a nutty cus­tard. I like nuts, of course, so the nutty fla­vour — made all the more so by almond flakes on top — was deli­cious. The baked fresh plum added a tart­ness and moist­ness that com­ple­men­ted and cut through the sweet­ness and thick­ness of the fran­gi­pane.

Brickfields really does know how to do their pastries.

Brickfields is loc­ated at 206 Cleveland Street, Chippendale NSW 2008.