Huong Xua, Canley Heights


Vietnamese food ranks right up the top with my oth­er favour­ite foods: Japanese and Italian. The only dis­tinc­tion is that I don’t need to eat out at a res­taur­ant to enjoy it because the Northern style Vietnamese food that D’s mum cooks up on a reg­u­lar basis is abso­lutely deli­cious. On occa­sion though I do eat Vietnamese food at a res­taur­ant. Huong Xua is a res­taur­ant famed for its north­ern Vietnamese style cook­ing.


While most people think of pho when they think of Vietnamese food, the dish that comes to mind for me is Northern style bún thịt nướng. Northern style has rice paper spring rolls and grilled fatty pork, where­as south­ern style has only meat pat­ties. Not only is this my favour­ite Vietnamese dish but it ranks right up there with my most favour­ite foods. I could eat it for three meals straight (and I have!) and not get sick of it and still want more.

So of course I order bún thịt nướng. The spring rolls are hot and crispy, with pork mince, black fungi, car­rots and glass noodles. I’d prefer that they didn’t sea­son with ginger, though (ginger and leafy herbs are a part of Vietnamese cuisine I can­not appre­ci­ate) and a great­er meat to veg­gie ratio. But over­all, the spring rolls were tasty. The grilled meat (under the spring rolls) was deli­ciously fatty and the rice noodle was fresh, which is some­thing I don’t often enjoy at home.

While I don’t prefer it to homemade bún thịt nướng, this would cer­tainly tide any crav­ing over.

Huong Xua is loc­ated at 4/​217 – 219 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights NSW 2166.