Micks Bakehouse, Sydney

After a long and drain­ing work week, work­ing dur­ing the week­end was espe­cially unap­peal­ing. But when there’s work to do, you just have to do it. Luckily, being in the city on a week­end meant that I could catch up with C who usu­ally works a tad too far from the city for us to catch up over lunch dur­ing the week.

I love lasagna. I love it so much that I have to force myself to eat it only once a month to stay healthy. But ever since H told me about the lasagna pie ($5.80) at Micks Bakehouse, I’ve been mean­ing to try it. I mean, you can rarely go wrong with pie pastry, so a lasagna pie soun­ded really good.

And I finally did, and it had a gor­geous golden brown ses­ame-speckled crust. C was curi­ous wheth­er they’d made the lasagna pie by wrap­ping frozen lasagna up in pie pastry. I don’t think they did — the bot­tom lay­er of the mince looks and tastes a lot like your nor­mal meat pie innards (a dark brown), where­as nor­mal lasagna mince is more of a spa­ghetti bolognese red. On top of the meat pie mince, they laid a sheet of lasagna pasta, before a lay­er of lasagna mince and a drizzle of bechamel sauce.

Although the pie was decent, I don’t think lasagna works as a pie. With a lasagna pie, you lose the tex­ture of the pasta that you nor­mally get when you eat lasagna. Especially with this rendi­tion, the fla­vour of nor­mal mince for the base lay­er dom­in­ates, the bechamel sauce was barely there, and the moz­arella cheese was com­pletely miss­ing — you lose the beau­ti­ful saucy, cheesy, tomatoy fla­vours that make a lasagna so tasty.

C was onto some­thing when she sug­ges­ted wrap­ping up frozen lasagna in pie pastry — that would’ve made it a true lasagna pie!

Mick’s Bakehouse is loc­ated at Westfield Sydney, Level 5, 188 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000.