Yebisu Izakaya, Sydney


When you’re crav­ing raw fish and rice, sushi may do the trick. But if you really want to sat­is­fy that crav­ing at an afford­able price, you need a chir­ashi don. Essentially cubes of raw fish on vin­egared rice. N and I have our go to resut­rant for chir­ashi don: Ramen Kan. But a few weeks ago, we’d tried our luck at a place near Town Hall: Yebisu Izakaya at Regents Place. It looks noth­ing like an iza­kaya, even though it does have an extens­ive drinks menu.


The chir­ashi don ($18.80) comes with side dishes of sal­mon sashimi, green salad, egg salad, pickles and miso soup.


This is one of the most beau­ti­ful chir­ashi don I’ve seen, but I wasn’t too impressed by the dish itself — the rice was vin­egared in a salty, almost bit­ter way — the salt­i­ness from the fish roe did not help. In fact, it was so salty, that adding soy sauce, which usu­ally makes everything taste bet­ter, could’ve only made it taste worse. Saltiness aside, the fish to rice ratio also needed bal­an­cing — one piece of fish for every mouth­ful of rice left me with a large amount of rice.

So, while beau­ti­ful, I wouldn’t go back for the chir­ashi don at Yebisu Izakaya. At least not when I have the chir­ashi don at Ramen Kan.

Yebisu Izakaya is loc­ated at 10/​501 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000