TGI Fridays, Macquarie Park

I’m not one to go to social mix­ers. I have no regrets for avoid­ing such events. When per­son­al­ity tests ask you wheth­er you’d ‘rather stay at home to read a book, or go out to a party’, I always, without fail, fall into the former cat­egory. It rarely mat­ters whose party it is. So, lunch last week­end with around 10 of J’s friends whom neither D or I had met before hand was quite out of char­ac­ter. But it went well, mostly because we met someone who has a super inter­est­ing job — he’s the guy who used to work on how vari­ous fla­vours of potato chips taste and which fla­vours get intro­duced or with­drawn, and more recently, the same with cer­eal brands. He knows, off the top of his head, when and why a fla­vour was intro­duced or with­drawn. All for his job. Sounds fun to me!

Anyway. Lunch was at the only TGI Fridays in Sydney — Macquarie Centre.


To share around the table, we got South Potato Twisters ($17.95), which are ‘spir­al sliced golden fried pota­toes, topped with spicy queso, Monterey Jack cheese, pico de gallo, sour cream and cori­ander’. The servings of potato twisters were gen­er­ous and deli­ciously crispy.


To share with D, we ordered the Jack Daniel’s Sampler ($29.95), which were ‘Cajun battered shrimp, suc­cu­lent ses­ame chick­en strips and tender baby back pork ribs’ drizzled with Jack Daniel’s glaze. The glaze makes everything taste good. I though the chick­en strips were dry, but dipped in glaze? Tasted good! The meat fell off the bone of the ribs — they weren’t as ‘suc­cu­lent’ as the word implies, but dipped it glaze? Definitely not dry.


And for drinks, I had the Green Apple ($6.25), which is a mix of sweet and sour apples and lem­on­ade. It was dis­tinctly apple-y and refresh­ing for the warm day, although I will nev­er be a fan of glazed cher­ries.

TGI Fridays is loc­ated at Macquarie Shopping Centre, Level 4 Shop 454, Herring Road, North Ryde, Macquarie Park NSW 2113.