Passionflower, Haymarket

Passionflower is the ice cream place of my late high school, early uni­ver­sity days. Indeed, I hadn’t been back since my first year of uni­ver­sity, which is now over 6 years ago. It fell off my radar for a long time because I was nowhere near Town Hall, which is where I spent most of my time in the city after uni for most of my degrees. But now that I work closer to Central, I’m back again.

Lychee rose (bot­tom right) — I’ve had lychee gelato and sorbet before, but nev­er ice cream. There’s a good bal­ance between the lychee and rose here. It’s def­in­itely more rose than lychee, but the rose doesn’t over­whelm. Unlike the Thai milk tea, which hit you with its fla­vour at once, the lychee rose is one you’d want to eat slowly to savour the sub­tlety of the fla­vours.

Wild lime (top) a sorbet rather than an ice cream. Lime gelato is one of my favour­ite so I thought I’d bal­ance the Asian inspired fla­vours with some­thing decidedly Western. The wild lime sur­prised me with its bit­ter notes — it tasted as if they’d used the pith (the bit­ter part of a cit­rus) — but it was some­thing I quickly got used to and the sour­ness countered the sweet­ness of the lychee rose well.

Thai milk tea (bot­tom left) — this looks, smells, and tastes exactly like the Thai milk tea you have at Thai res­taur­ants. I’ve always wondered as to the dis­tinctly intense brown/​orange col­our­ing of Thai teas gen­er­ally, and it turns out to be from strongly brewed Ceylon tea. It’s a tad less sweet than my (overly sweet) exper­i­ences with Thai milk tea, which is per­fect for me.

Passionflower sells mostly Asian inspired ice cream fla­vours, so it’s prob­ably just as well that I’ve only just returned — Asian inspired fla­vours are an acquired taste for me.

Passionflower is loc­ated at Capitol Square, Shop G12, 730 – 742 George Street, Haymarket NSW 2000.