Lupicia Honey & Pear Hojicha

Nashi no hana means ‘pear blos­som’ in Japanese, and a Japanese pear is a nashi pear, one of my favour­ite fruits. So, it seems only fit­ting to mark the change in domain name with a pear tea: Lupicia Honey & Pear Hojicha, which is described as a ‘houjicha fla­voured with juicy Japanese pear and honey’.

Steeping 2.5g for 2 minutes in 200 ml of 85°C water deliv­ers a light red­dish brown liquor. The instruc­tions recom­mend infus­ing in boil­ing water, but I’m more inclined to infuse at the lower tem­per­at­ure usu­ally recom­men­ded for houjicha to avoid unwanted bit­ter­ness. A first sip gives the toasty, slightly car­a­mel sweet­ness of houjicha from which the fra­grant crisp­ness of nashi pear emerges in the body before return­ing to a car­a­mel sweet­ness in the fin­ish. The houjicha dom­in­ates this tea pleas­antly, with the nashi pear provid­ing a refresh­ing twist.

This bag of Lupicia Honey & Pear Hojicha con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Japan and was pur­chased in Melbourne, Australia in 2014.