Autolyse, Chippendale


After dab­bling our toes into Autolyse through their dessert sec­tion, N and I finally ven­tured into their food menu. I’d read rave review after rave review about their food and espe­cially their sour­dough.


Of course, my first item from their food menu was the tomato, ricotta, greens bruschetta ($12.00). I have a weak­ness for bruschetta and this is a very gen­er­ous bruschetta — it’s quite impossible to eat without mov­ing much of a the salad off the sour­dough first. But that’s okay because it was super tasty. Part of my aver­sion to salads, gen­er­ally, is the exceed­ingly ‘green’ taste of some raw veget­ables (like pars­ley, see below), but I liked greens chosen here (lettuce, rock­et, basil). The toma­toes were firm and juicy (mushy overly ripe toma­toes are the worst). So this was tasty! I have plans to go back for this.


The second time I went to Autolyse, I had the chick­en heir­loom tomato salad ($13.50). I inten­ded to order this the first time, but I will be forever glad I ordered the bruschetta because I prob­ably wouldn’t have gone back to Autolyse if I had this first. When you call a salad a chick­en heir­loom tomato salad, you expect the chick­en and the heir­loom toma­toes to be the star of the salad. You cer­tainly do not order the salad for the pars­ley or croutons. I’d seen quite prom­ising pho­tos of this salad with gen­er­ous servings of tomato and chick­en. Except this is what I got: an overly gen­er­ous serving of pars­ley (which is def­in­itely not my favour­ite — it tastes ridicu­lously ‘green’); super hard and chewy ‘croutons’ (I like my croutons crispy); and about 5 slices of chick­en and 4 – 5 heir­loom toma­toes. The dis­ap­point­ment with the salad aside, the accom­pa­ny­ing sour­dough was very pil­lowy soft inside and crispy on the out­side.


On a later vis­it, I almost ordered the tomato and ricotta bruschetta again just to be sure. I was toss­ing between that and the mixed mush­room rag­out on toast (an item I had not tried before). At the last minute, D also sug­ges­ted I order the mixed mush­room rag­out on sour­dough to try some­thing new. I’m glad I listened to D, because the mixed mush­room rag­out on sour­dough ($13.00) was abso­lutely deli­cious. The mush­rooms (enoki and cup) were oh-so-but­tery — you really can­not go wrong with mush­rooms cooked in but­ter, I prom­ise — and so, so gen­er­ous. The enoki mush­rooms were still crisp, while the cup mush­rooms were smooth. It was really quite a tasty com­bin­a­tion of tex­tures. Invariably, the sour­dough is crispy on the out­side and pil­lowy soft on the inside.

Autolyse is loc­ated at Central Park, Lower Ground RB10, 28 Broadway Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008.