Schnitz, Melbourne


It’s always good to try some­thing new, some­thing you can’t get at home, when you’re away from home. This is espe­cially so when you’re there for a very lim­ited amount of time. But I’m not one for fine din­ing. I like cas­u­al envir­on­ments. So for that one lunch that I had time for in Melbourne, D and I chose to eat at Schnitz, a fast food place that serves pan-cooked schnitzels in bur­gers, wraps, parmas etc. I wasn’t all that hungry, so D and I ended up shar­ing an Aussie Aussie Aussie bur­ger meal (beef schnitzel, ched­dar cheese, rind­less bacon, beet­root, egg and BBQ rel­ish).

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the bur­ger, but it was huge. Easily 10cm in height and 15cm in dia­met­er (and so a great chal­lenge to eat without get­ting it all over myself) and very tasty. The beef schnitzel was tender and juicy, while the beet­root gave it a sweet­ness. I’m not used to hav­ing egg in bur­gers (oth­er than in break­fast muffins), but it worked — it gave it a roun­ded whole­some fla­vour.

As for the chips, they were dia­mond cut and so yum! They’re much like the chips at the Snag Stand in Westfield Sydney. With the aioli dip, the crispy chips with fluffy innards really hit the carbs spot!

Schnitz is loc­ated at QV Melbourne, 28 Artemis Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000.