Chokolait, Melbourne


It’s been almost a month since I came back from Melbourne. Life doesn’t always give you time to catch your breath, and so I nev­er got around to jot­ting down my thoughts about Chocolait. D and I had done all the shop­ping we’d planned (and then some), so we decided to kill some time before I was due to present my paper, by indul­ging ourselves at a chocol­ati­er, Chocolait.


We couldn’t decide what one dessert we wanted so we ended up order­ing the Belgian Chocolate Tasting Platter. From left to right on the plat­ter: rasp­berry sorbet in a chocol­ate hemi­sphere, chocol­ate mousse cake, pas­sion­fruit gat­eau.

  • The rasp­berry sorbet was very more­ish — you could taste the sweet tangy fla­vour you get from fresh straw­ber­ries.
  • It’s been too long that I can’t quite remem­ber the details to the chocol­ate mousse cake, but I believe it was a chocol­ate brownie with wal­nuts on the base with milk chocol­ate mousse on top. It was a good cake over­all, but its hazy pres­ence in my mind seems to imply it wasn’t mind­blow­ing.
  • The pas­sion­fruit gat­eau had lay­ers of pas­sion­fruit cream. I don’t remem­ber the lay­ers between the cream too well, but I dis­tinctly remem­ber the very pleas­ant trop­ic­al fla­vours of pas­sion­fruit in the cream that came through every bite.

And then we also got four chocol­ates to accom­pany: pandan truffle, straw­berry truffle, straw­berry and white chocol­ate truffle, coconut truffle. I like my chocol­ates brown, so these were more inter­est­ing than some­thing I’d choose for myself.

  • The pandan truffle was def­in­itely the most ‘out there’ of the four — I’d nev­er seen pandan fla­voured chocol­ate before and the chef, who was a very sweet gen­tle­man and very hands on with serving cus­tom­ers, obvi­ously thought the same and tried to explain to us what pandan was (but we’re Asian, so of course we knew!). It was a beau­ti­ful green col­our (as are all things pandan fla­voured).
  • The straw­berry ones were quite ordin­ary — I’m not a fan a fruit fla­voured chocol­ates — but they did have smooth and creamy innards.
  • I enjoyed the coconut truffle more than I expec­ted — coconut is some­thing I’ve come to like the taste of more recently.


D had an iced cof­fee and I had a lem­on iced tea. The cof­fee was really quite strong, while my lem­on tea could’ve been stronger.

Chocolait is loc­ated at Emporium, Shop 8 Hub Arcade, 318 Little Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.