Chef’s Gallery, Sydney

Most of the time when I head to Town Hall for lunch, it’s to eat at a sushi train. Chef’s Gallery used to be some­where N and I would eat occa­sion­ally dur­ing my uni­ver­sity days when it first opened, but we’d stopped in recent years. T, how­ever, had been crav­ing Chef’s Gallery for many months now. So with N and me in tow, we made it there for lunch last week.

They’d changed the menus: new dishes replaced our staples of mush­room and bean sprout stir fry noodles (for me) and pump­kin noodle soup with fried chick­en (for N). But we weren’t dis­cour­aged — the new items on the menu were col­our­ful and soun­ded inter­est­ing.


T and N love tofu, so we ordered the hand­made egg and spin­ach tofu lightly fried, topped with pre­served veget­ables. I’m not a fan of tofu gen­er­ally, but it was silky smooth. The standout though, was the fried egg and spin­ach skin. It was oh so crispy!


We also ordered a twist on the duck pan­cake. This is shred­ded Peking duck with cucum­ber, hoisin sauce rolled inside a fluffy Chinese roti. I could’ve sworn that roti was a Malaysian thing, but any­way, duck pan­cake in mini-kebab form is very tasty.

The dishes we ordered to share were a hit.


For myself, I had the squid ink hand­made noodles with diced sal­mon sashimi pieces, prawns, Arctic surf clam and lotus roots served cold in a creamy ses­ame soya sauce, sprinkled with sal­mon roe and black and white ses­ame seeds. It looked very pretty in the pic­ture on the menu with just the right amount of sauce. Unfortunately, what I got was a very gen­er­ous amount of sauce, which isn’t too much of an issue itself, except for the fact that the sauce is ridicu­lously salty. So salty that I felt con­stantly dehyd­rated all after­noon and even­ings after­wards des­pite drink­ing a lot of flu­id.

If we ignore the salty sauce, the sea­food and noodles would’ve made for a very pleas­ant dish by itself.


I also had the lychee and mint frappe. I’d enjoyed the same drink at Din Tai Fung a few months ago, and hav­ing found out that Chef’s Gallery has the same own­ers, I thought I’d try my chances at this drink here. Turns out they make it bet­ter at Din Tai Fung at Central Park (but not Westfield Sydney) — the mint over­powers the lychee here.

Chef’s Gallery is loc­ated at 273 George Street Shop G24, Sydney NSW 2000.