Autolyse, Chippendale


A bakery by the name of Autolyse opened in Central Park recently. Apparently, noth­ing on their menu is over $15. That’s not some­thing I can attest to, though, because I was lured into the store by their dessert win­dow. New dessert options around Chippendale are always wel­come — there’s only so many times you can eat gelato or waffles before you want some­thing dif­fer­ent. It was one of those ridicu­lous days where you leave the house in beau­ti­ful warm weath­er, only for it to change to windy and cold by lunch­time. So we were grate­ful for dessert options oth­er than gelato.


I had the key lime meringue. The thick­ness of the tart base was just the right thick­ness — it was thick enough to give the tart struc­ture but thin enough that I wasn’t noti­cing it in every bite. The lime curd itself was zesty and sharp and a tinged just that little bit of green so that it not only tastes like lime, but it looks like lime. And the meringue was fluffy and blow-torched to per­fec­tion. By itself the meringue was very sweet, and the lime curd was very sour, but togeth­er, they bal­anced each oth­er out beau­ti­fully.


N had the spiced pear tart. We both like pear fla­voured foods, so it was only nat­ur­al that she’d go for the pear tart. I had only a taste of the tart giv­en my unfor­tu­nate allergy to Packham pears. To me, it tasted some­thing like the mince pies you get at Christmas — the brown is def­in­itely not  chocol­ate. I don’t like mince pies, but if you do, then you’d enjoy this tart.


On anoth­er vis­it, I tried the chocol­ate tart with it’s per­fectly gooey centre, with a dusty of salt crys­tals to break through the sweet­ness of the chocol­ate.


And finally, the lem­on curd pie with the zesty and sharp lem­on notes that made the key lime meringue such a hit.

Autolyse is loc­ated at Central Park, Lower Ground RB10, 28 Broadway Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008.