Sahara by the Park, Burwood


A couple of weeks ago, I was going through all the clothes stores in one sub­urb try­ing to find an engagement/​wedding party appro­pri­ate dress. I even­tu­ally did find one at 4:30 just as the shops were about to close, but I’d also taken a break from the mad hunt for lunch. We went to Sahara by the Park, which is a Turkish res­taur­ant in Burwood. I’d been crav­ing babaghan­oush for the longest time, and the stuff you find in super­mar­kets doesn’t taste quite the same.

So of course, we order the dips. N and I went in think­ing we going to get just the babaghan­oush dip, but then we spot­ted the dip plat­ter and a few oth­er dips we were curi­ous about. We ended up order­ing the dip plat­ter with

  • babaghan­oush (oven roas­ted egg­plant, yoghurt, gar­lic and spices) — this was my favour­ite of the three. I’m not much of an egg­plant fan nor­mally as I find the tex­ture a bit mushy, but dips are meant to mushy and I’d wished we’d just ordered this.
  • cacick (creamed yoghurt, cucum­ber and mint) — I was expect­ing a more refresh­ing ver­sion (if that was pos­sible) of tzatziki because of the mint. The mint ended up over­power­ing everything else, alas.
  • pan­car (beet­root pur­ee yoghurt and gar­lic) — D had told me amaz­ing things about a beet­root dip he once had at a fancy func­tion, so I was keen to try. Funnily enough, it tasted some­thing like relish/​pickles to me.


Our mis­sion were the dips, so with that sat­is­fied we decided to have some wedges to fill up the rest of our tum­mies. The wedges and sweet chilli sauce were pretty stand­ard. Nothing amaz­ingly fluffy about them.


And we needed some pro­tein to bal­ance out the carbs, so we got the baby cala­mari with chips. These chips were deli­ciously fluffy and tasted deli­cious with the gar­lic may­on­naise. The batter:calamari ratio was good — there’s noth­ing worse than eat­ing some­thing deep fried and being left with a mouth­ful of bat­ter!


And of course, how could I not order Turkish apple tea? Turkish apple tea doesn’t really vary, I find, but I’d have pre­ferred it to be stronger.

Sahara by the Park is loc­ated at Westfield Burwood, 101A Burwood Road, Burwood NSW 2134.