El Jannah, Blacktown


Some three weeks ago, D and I finally got around to try­ing El Jannah. We’ve heard amaz­ing things about the char­coal chick­en at this place since the first years of uni­ver­sity but nev­er got around to it. There was a good(ish) reas­on: back then, they only had a store in Granville. Granville is a loc­a­tion that’s neither here nor there — there’s no oth­er reas­on to vis­it the sub­urb. A few years ago, they opened a branch in Blacktown. It’s oppos­ite a large shop­ping centre, which gives one more reas­on to vis­it than Granville. And we finally made our way there.


The chick­en: So juicy! I usu­ally don’t go out of my way to eat chick­en breast because it gets ‘squeaky’ when it’s cooked dry (also why you won’t find me order­ing any meat oth­er than wings at KFC). But at D’s insist­ence, I tried the chick­en breast and it was so juicy! It looked stringy but it had none of the squeak­i­ness that comes with chick­en breast.

The gar­lic sauce: This made everything taste even bet­ter. It’s appar­ently ‘legendary’ and I cer­tainly could have used more than the little tub they gave me! With every chip and every bite of chick­en! Unfortunately, you can’t buy the gar­lic sauce sep­ar­ately it seems. Alas!


The chips: The chips were crispy with fluffy innards and topped gen­er­ously with chick­en salt. They weren’t amaz­ing though. The Snag Stand at Westfield Sydney still makes some of the best chips.

El Jannah is loc­ated at 44 – 48 Flushcombe Road, Blacktown NSW 2148.