Dolci Domus, Chippendale

Italian food is always a very close second to Japanese food for me. And I love Japanese food inor­din­ately — I could eat Japanese food for break­fast, lunch and din­ner one day, and still be ready to eat it the next day. As for Italian food, there’s some­thing about spa­ghetti bolognese that draws me to it (I love tomato). It’s seems to be the home cook’s go to dish when they can’t be bothered cook­ing. But that doesn’t stop me from lov­ing it. Or from eat­ing it when I go out. I’ll forever be one of those people who like res­taur­ants that sell the staple dishes of a cuisine and don’t try to fancy it up with a twist and then charge exor­bit­ant amounts for it that some people seem to love.

Dolci Domus in Chippendale is one of those Italian res­taur­ants.


They make the per­fect spa­ghetti bolognese with the per­fect meat:tomato ratio in the sauce and the per­fect sauce:spaghetti ratio. When I ate this, I had been crav­ing spa­ghetti bolognese for weeks (I do that), and this sit­ting com­pletely sat­is­fied my crav­ing. So yum!

And we also had bruschetta, which is also some­thing I could eat every day (if made well).


We also had bruschetta as an appet­izer, which has an amus­ing story to it. A few years ago, I had brunch with friends at a cafe that served bruschetta on the menu. Then, I told the waiter I wanted ‘bru-ske-ta’, the waiter looked at me as if I ordered an ali­en dish, I poin­ted out ‘bruschetta’ on the menu and the waiter laughed and ‘cor­rec­ted’ me by telling me it’s pro­nounced ‘bru-she-ta’. My friends (includ­ing N) had a field day laugh­ing at me for pro­noun­cing it wrong — obvi­ously, if T has an Italian neigh­bour and has been to Italy so ‘he knows what he’s talk­ing about’ — and that has been a con­stant point of hil­ar­ity for N ever since.

But not any­more! Dolci Domus is run by Italians, which means they know how to pro­nounce bruschetta (any­one with a rudi­ment­ary under­stand­ing of Italian knows that ‘ch’ is pro­nounced a hard ‘k’). This time, N tells the Italian wait­ress that she wants ‘bru-she-ta’ and the wait­ress looks at her as if she’s ordered an ali­en dish, N points it out on the menu, and the wait­ress laughs and cor­rects her by telling her it’s pro­nounced ‘bru-ske-ta’. Of course, I’m busy sup­press­ing my laughter. Now, if that’s not vin­dic­a­tion!

As for the bruschetta though, I’d have liked the bread to be most toasted and the basil leaves to be dis­trib­uted more evenly, even though keep­ing it as two leaves makes it look pretty.

Dolci Domus is at 16/​18 Broadway, Ultimo NSW 2007.