London Fruit & Herb Company Lemon & Lime Zest Infusion

Lemon tea is a staple at cha chaan tengs in Hong Kong. Bottled or powered lem­on tea come close. Or, if I have fresh lem­ons, then black tea, lem­on and sug­ar. The thing about lem­on tea, is that it doesn’t always work in tea bag form. Lemon-fla­voured or lem­on-scen­ted tea has always used lem­on­grass and focused too strongly on its mint and ginger notes than lem­on or lime. So, I resigned myself to its impossib­il­ity.


That is until I got my hands on London Fruit & Herb Company Lemon & Lime Zest Infusion from Hong Kong. The ingredi­ents list apple pulp, fla­vour­ings, black­berry leaves, mal­ic acid, cit­ric acid, lem­on peel (5%), lem­on­grass (5%), roas­ted chicory root, rose­hip, lime juice (2%).

Infusing for 5 minutes in 200 ml of boil­ing water yields a golden brown liquor and releases a cit­rus aroma much just like my pre­ferred lem­on teas. The aroma veers dan­ger­ously close to the lem­ony fresh of clean­ing products but pares back on the zesty fla­vour just enough to allow a pleas­ant sweet­ness to come through. Like it’s smell, the first sip leaves you in no doubt that this is a tea is all about cit­rus with the sour­ness of lem­ons and the bit­ter­ness of lime — it’s no easy feat and some­thing likely achieved by their use of real con­cen­trated fruit juices. A com­ple­ment­ing sweet­ness — from the rose­hip — builds behind this ini­tial cit­rus hit that’s much like a less sweetened ver­sion of the lem­on teas at cha chaan tengs and lingers in the after­taste. This is the per­fect lem­on and lime infu­sion in tea bag form.

This box of London Fruit & Herb Company Lemon & Lime Zest Infusion con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in the United Kingdom and pur­chased in Hong Kong in 2014.