Tetley Calm Camomile Lemon Infusion


A fla­voured chamo­mile tea isn’t one I see all that often, and when they’re rather safe blends when I do spot them, like this Tetley Calm Camomile Lemon Infusion.

Infused for 5 minutes in 200 ml of just boiled water gave a more golden yel­low liquor than pure chamo­mile tea. The tea smells much like it tastes. Initial sips reveal a lem­on cit­rus fla­vour closely fol­lowed by the earthy flor­al notes of chamo­mile and an increas­ing sweet­ness from the liquorice root before leav­ing a sweet after­taste with gentle notes of the lem­on and chamo­mile. This tea is much sweeter than pure chamo­mile tea — achieved prob­ably through 20% liquorice root in the ingredi­ents — and while it tastes nat­ur­al and flor­al like warm honey and so com­ple­ments those same notes in chamo­mile, it bor­ders on sick­en­ingly sweet.

This box of Tetley Calm Camomile Lemon Infusion con­tained 10 tea bags. It was packed in Sri Lanka and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2014