Sushi Rio, Sydney


Trying to find a new go-to sushi place is quite an exped­i­tion. This time, it’s Sushi Rio. It offers excel­lent and var­ied sushi on its sushi train, and an inter­est­ing non-sushi train menu. It also serves the sushi on plates with gor­geous gold pat­terns. If some­thing you want isn’t chug­ging along on the sushi train, they’ll make it to order. The sushi train sur­rounds their kit­chen, so you usu­ally get to watch them make your order!

Salmon nigiri and tuna nigiri is rather simple dishes, but one of my favour­ites. They’re not offered on the sushi train, so we order it and see the sushi chef slice up fresh sal­mon just for our two pieces.


I was too trans­fixed on the sal­mon, so I’m not too sure where they were mak­ing the tuna nigiri, even though they came out at the same time. Both were deli­ciously fresh.


Then there’s the typ­ic­al white fish that I have trouble identi­fy­ing. I’m gonna take a stab in the dark, and say it was king fish nigiri.


These are scal­lop nigiri — N didn’t believe me when I said they were scal­lops, and was determ­ined to prove me wrong by try­ing the plate. Luckily, unlike me, she doesn’t mind the slimi­ness of scal­lops too much.


I like squid nigiri because raw squid has a good bite to it.


And then there’s cooked octopus nigiri, which had the most inter­est­ing dol­lop of green roe on it. Green isn’t usu­ally a col­our you asso­ci­ate with non-plant food, but sur­pris­ingly, it tasted like like orange roe — salty.


And then, N decided we should try raw octopus nigiri again. Last time we tried it, we were left with a mouth­ful of slime and a sour after­taste. But I’m glad we tried it again — this octopus wasn’t unpleas­ant at all, which leads to me think that the octopus just wasn’t fresh the first time.


This is surf clam nigiri. We had no idea what surf clam was, but we saw it on the menu and decided to try it out any­way. It tasted a lot like fish, but with a lot more bite — so sort of like the taste of tuna, but with the tex­ture of squid. This one was made to order, and it took them a while to bring it out.


To fin­ish it off, we had two, non-sushi dishes. We ordered the cro­quette because I’ve had trouble find­ing ones that live up to my memor­ies of the ones I ate in Japan. This dish was also made to order, so it came out very hot. Its taste was quite on par, but I’d have like the innards to be less gooey.


This is octopus in was­abi. Although the octopus didn’t have as much bite as I’m used to, it still hit the spot.


And then, the drinks! On the left is the Tropical Kiss, which con­sisted of mango, grapefruit, kiwifruit, pine­apple. It was quite bit­ter from the grapefruit, and oth­er­wise tasted like pin­apple juice. We couldn’t really taste kiwifrui or mango. On the right is Monkey Magic, which con­sisted of lychee and kiwifruit. It had the most gor­geous pool of green at the bot­tom, which I assumed to be kiwifruit, but alas, we could only taste the lychee and not the kiwifruit.

Sushi Rio is loc­ated at B02/​345 Sussex Street, Sydney NSW 2000.