Madame Flavour Raspberry Hibiscus Tisane


Fruity and flor­al. They’re my kind of fla­vours. This is Madame Flavour Raspberry Hibiscus Tisane.

Infusing 1 tea bag for 3 minutes in 85°C water yiel­ded a deep ruby col­oured liquor that’s fra­grant with strong fruity and slightly flor­al notes that recall the intense fla­vour and acid­ity of cran­ber­ries. A sip though, removes those asso­ci­ations with cran­ber­ries and reveals a mel­low­er del­ic­ate rasp­berry fla­vour. Hibiscus notes emer­ging in the body restrain the acid­ity of the rasp­ber­ries and linger into the after­taste, cre­at­ing an uplift­ing infu­sion.

This box of Madame FlavourRaspberry Hibiscus Tisane con­tained 18 tea bags. It was packed in Sri Lanka and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2014.