French Toast Fingers, McDonald’s, Sydney


For as long as I’ve been alive, the sweet side of the break­fast menu at McDonald’s in Sydney has always con­sisted only of hot­cakes with syr­up.


That is, until very recently when they intro­duced their French Toast Fingers. And of course I had to try it out! I wanted to know why they’d intro­duce a new sweet item onto their break­fast menu after so long. Plus, I like French toast with syr­up gen­er­ally.


The French Toast Fingers come in the cutest box. It stores four French toast fin­gers in one sec­tion, and then the hot­cake syr­up sits in a sep­ar­ate fit­ted cut-out like a side car to the French toast sec­tion.


As for how the actu­al fin­gers, they smell a lot of McDonald’s apple pie, which makes me think they’re fried in the same oil. They’re exceed­ing oily, which is why I’m eat­ing it with a nap­kin (the nap­kin was soaked through with oil). They taste rather cake-y, but fluf­fi­er than the stodgy hot­cakes, which is a plus. But after about 2.5 I was quite bored of them. They have a rich­er taste than hot­cakes, but are less easy to eat because of the high oil con­tent. It was fun to try, but I prob­ably won’t be buy­ing it again.