Coco Cubano, Chippendale


It’s inter­est­ing see­ing how two res­taur­ants from the same chain do things dif­fer­ently. The first time I went to Coco Cubano was at the store in UNSW. And there, there was no table ser­vice, Cuban cigars were taken off the menu (under­stand­ably), old Cuban cigar boxes were used as table num­bers, and the food came on huge white plates. This time, we went to the Coco Cubano at Central Park. Here, there was table ser­vice, Cuban cigars were on the menu (des­pite its vicin­ity to UTS), the table num­bers were bor­ing black let­ters on met­al, and the food came on wooden plat­ters.


I had the crispy battered fish and chips. The chips were beau­ti­fully crispy on the out­side, but deli­ciously fluffy on the inside (maybe even a bit too fluffy!). As for the fish — the bat­ter to fish ratio was just right, and the bat­ter was crispy and not soggy at all! I’d expec­ted a piece of fish like you do at your sub­urb­an fish ‘n’ chip stores, so was sur­prised to see fish that looked like big­ger ver­sions of the fries, but hey, bite size! The aioli dip came in the cutest sau­cer, too. I’m not too much of a fan of salad when I eat out, and this is no excep­tion, but com­pared to oth­er places, this was one of the fresh­er salads. I thor­oughly enjoyed this meal!


N had the clas­sic bur­ger. The bur­ger was piled so high that it was impossible to eat with your hands without all the innards fall­ing out the bot­tom — I guess it makes sense why they give you a knife and a fork? Amusingly, they used a leaf of lettuce the size of your face, even though the bur­ger itself was stand­ard at a bit big­ger than the size of your palm. N tells me that the bur­ger was not worth the mess.


And of course the drinks!

On the left is the mango and lime gran­ita. I was a bit sur­prised to see that it’d sep­ar­ated before it was even brought to our table, and that the top two-thirds was frothy. Since we’d ordered a gran­ita, I was expect­ing some­thing semi-frozen. Anyway. I’m more a lem­on per­son, so the lime took a bit of get­ting used to, but after that the com­bin­a­tion of mango and lime was quite refresh­ing.

On the right is the lychee and mango iced tea. Now, I’d tried this before the last time I ate at Coco Cubano at UNSW. I wasn’t too impressed that time ’cause the mango syr­up over­whelmed any hint of lychee. This time, how­ever, it tasted noth­ing like lychee or mango and tasted more like some berry fla­voured syr­up. It was all wrong! Although I did get two canned lychees in the drink, unlike last, but even they tasted weird. So, the les­son? Do not order the lychee and mango iced tea again! Ever. 

Coco Cubano is loc­ated at Central Park, Lower Ground Shop RB06, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.