Via del Corso Pasticceria e Caffé, Sydney

Gelato tends to be the dessert to fin­ish off a day out with N, unless there’s a spe­cif­ic dessert, such as a patis­ser­ie, that we’ve dis­covered. Via del Corso Patiscceria e Caffe in Westfield Sydney is our go-to gelater­ia. I can’t remem­ber being that inter­ested in gelato before this store opened, but its fla­vours have always been a hit, and so rarely dis­ap­poin­ted, that we find ourselves going back time and again.

We weren’t even that inter­ested in dessert after lunch, but we saw that they’d come out with new fla­vours when we walked past and couldn’t res­ist — after all, there’s always room for dessert because it goes into a sep­ar­ate stom­ach. They’d also removed my favour­ite green apple, but the new fla­vours go some way to mak­ing up for it.


We chose lychee (white), man­dar­in (yel­low-orange) and rock­mel­on (orange-pink).

Lychee isn’t a new fla­vour — it’s one of the clas­sics — but whenev­er I try a new fla­vour, I like to get some­thing that I know will taste good to allay any dis­ap­point­ment with the new fla­vour. It’s a ‘back up’. It turns out that I didn’t need a ‘back up’, though, because the man­dar­in was quite deli­cious. It had the sweet­ness that dis­tin­guishes man­dar­ins from oranges. I might even like it more than the lychee!

The rock­mel­on wasn’t quite as much of a hit with me — I’m not too fond of rock­mel­on — but was still impress­ive. Whenever I see oddly fla­voured food, I’m usu­ally quite skep­tic­al as to how true it’d be to the ori­gin­al. For someone who likes rock­mel­on, I don’t know that they’d find any cause for cri­ti­cism in this rock­mel­on gelato — it has the same some­what cloy­ing sweet­ness of super ripe rock­mel­on. But that’s okay, because the fluffy ice like tex­ture coun­ter­ac­ted this.

Via del Corso is loc­ated at Westfield Sydney, Level 5 Shop 507/​508188 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.