Dogadan Turkish Apple Tea


Turkish apple tea or elma çay is a deli­cious apple-fla­voured fruit tisane. Apparently, it’s been used increas­ingly by shop­keep­ers in the Mediterranean to tempt cus­tom­ers into their stalls. With many tour­ists return­ing to their coun­try with a taste for it, fit­tingly, my first encounter was with the Turkish Apple and Turkish Apple & Cinnamon Tisanes in the com­fort of T2.

This Dogadan Turkish Apple Tea is in tea bag form and pro­duced in Turkey itself. Indeed, I’d stumbled upon it in a Mediterranean food sec­tion awk­wardly situ­ated between the deli and the fresh pro­duce at Coles one week.


Infusing 1 tea bag in 200 ml of just boiled water yields a bril­liant red liquor in stark con­trast to the golden yel­low or brown that I’ve exper­i­enced with oth­er Turkish apple teas. The infu­sion smells of apple with very gen­er­ous notes of cin­na­mon. A first sip, though, sees the fla­vour of juicy, sweet red apples with a slight acid­ity recall­ing hibis­cus come through in the head and into the body, before mel­low notes of cin­na­mon than sug­ges­ted by the aroma emerge towards the end of the body. The fin­ish sees the slight acid­ity return­ing and leav­ing an after­taste of juicy apple with just a hint of cin­na­mon.

This box of Dogadan Apple Fruit Tea con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in Turkey and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2014.