Lipton Quietly Chamomile Infusion

Last week was the first time I’d had chamo­mile tea in the longest time. There used to be a time when I drank chamo­mile tea every oth­er day. I’d read that it pro­moted sleep, and I figured that in my sleep deprived life as a uni stu­dent, I’d take what I could get. I’m not sure it did amaz­ing things for my sleep, but I’d like to think it did. And then I stopped drink­ing it ’cause sleep was no longer such a prized com­mod­ity in my last two years of uni.

So, why’d I drink it last week? You see, the air con­di­tion­ing at work is per­man­ently set to what feels like 5 degrees above freez­ing. That’s okay, though, ’cause you learn to adapt by bring­ing a jack­et and a scarf even when the weath­er fore­cast says it’s going to be an abso­lutely scorch­er out­side. Except, when the weath­er cools down out­side and the air conditioning’s still set for sum­mer tem­per­at­ures, it feels so cold inside the office that even the jack­et and the scarf can’t stop your nose and your hands from feel­ing like ice. So what bet­ter than a hot drink?

I’d ran out of tea at my desk, though, so I had to dig around the tea bags in the kit­chen to find Lipton Quietly Chamomile Herbal Infusion.

I’ve had chamo­mile tea by vari­ous brands over the years, but nev­er Lipton. Lots of brands make chamo­mile tea, and I’ve always con­sidered it silly to buy a more expens­ive brand, unless the cheap­er brand is lack­ing or the expens­ive brand is the only brand mak­ing that par­tic­u­lar type of tea (that said, this lat­ter cat­egory accounts for the vast major­ity of my col­lec­tion). That explains why I’ve nev­er tried Lipton’s chamo­mile tea.

Lipton’s chamo­mile tea brews to a much dark­er col­our than the yel­low that I’m used to. I’m not sure what causes the deep­er col­our, but, while the tea tastes dis­tinctly like chamo­mile, there’s also a very strong hint of lem­on. I don’t like the lem­on at all — it dis­tracts from the chamo­mile, which is sooth­ing and relax­ing, and all in all a very quiet kind of tea. By that, I mean pure chamo­mile tea is the kind of tea you can drink whenev­er and wherever because there’s everything famil­i­ar about it, but noth­ing excit­ing. And that’s how I like my chamo­mile tea — quiet. But the lem­on makes it too loud.

This tea bag of Lipton Quietly Chamomile Infusion was packed in Australia and provided at work in Sydney, Australia in 2014.