Mizuya, Sydney

I’m delighted when I return to a res­taur­ant I haven’t been to in a long while to find that they make my favor­ite dishes just the way I remembered. Now that that’s estab­lished, dur­ing my uni­ver­sity days, Mizuya used to be one of my go-to places with N for eat-in sushi and sashimi with a side of udon and raw octopus in was­abi. Their prices and servings were reas­on­able and the qual­ity was good.


So, when I found myself free one after­noon, N and I decided to vis­it Mizuya. It was quite a warm day, so N and I hit their bever­ages menu for our favour­its: the Capricornus (left) and the Pisces (right). The Capricornus is a blen­ded ice with kiwifruit, pas­sion­fruit and apple sauce, while the Pisces is pas­sion­fruit and pine­apple juice drink. N and I used to be fas­cin­ated by the taste of the Capricornus because it resembled some­thing we couldn’t quite place. But these two drinks this time were a dis­ap­point­ment. The Pisces was was only two-thirds full, and the Capricornus sep­ar­ated into juice and foam after just 10 minutes, which it nev­er used to do regard­less of how long it took us to eat. You can tell from the photo on the left, which was taken right after it was brought to us, that it’d start­ing sep­ar­at­ing even before it got to us.

Now, my uni­ver­sity days weren’t that long ago — it’s only been four months — but everything at Mizuya had changed. Not only were the drinks not as we remembered them, but half the menu was miss­ing — lit­er­ally, and more selfishly, they no longer served udon or octopus in was­abi.


But, they still had their sushi and sashimi sets, which were what we were after.


Both sets used to come with deli­ciously chewy udon, but not any­more. Both sets did, how­ever, now come with miso soup, and the sashimi set also came with a bowl of rice. Neither N and I thought that made up for the udon, espe­cially con­sid­er­ing the prices had also gone up. The qual­ity of the food had fallen — the miso soup with the stingi­est one or two bits of tofu skin and sea­weed, while they’d left the skin on all the pieces of sashimi, which were also miss­ing the usu­al two scal­lops. Nevermind that I don’t actu­ally like raw scal­lops, I just don’t like get­ting less food but pay­ing more.

After that dis­ap­point­ing exper­i­ence, N and I have writ­ten Mizuya off as our place to sat­is­fy our Japanese food crav­ings. It’s a pity.

Mizuya is loc­ated at Basement, 614 George St, Sydney NSW 2000.