Healtheries Strawberry Pavlova Tea

Childhood exper­i­ences with straw­berry fla­voured cough syr­up makes straw­berry fla­voured things a hit and miss for my grown-up self. In terms of straw­berry-fla­vour, my Healtheries Strawberry with a Lime Twist tea was a miss, but this Healtheries Strawberry Pavlova Tea gets it right. By get­ting it right, I mean its straw­berry fla­vour tastes more like fresh straw­ber­ries than arti­fi­cial fla­vour­ing. 

This straw­berry pavlova tea does indeed remind me of pavlova. It’s excess­ively sweet (which I asso­ci­ate with pavlova and all meringue-based foods gen­er­ally) with the fla­vour of straw­ber­ries. It doesn’t have the hint of sour­ness or acid­ity that even ripe straw­ber­ries have, but it does have a cream­i­ness to it that reminds me more of straw­ber­ries and cream than straw­berry pavlova. It’s def­in­itely too sweet to drink this tea hot, but its sweet­ness mel­lows out if you drink it cold like an iced tea. Not only do the ice cubes dilute the tea, but the lower tem­per­at­ure makes us per­ceive it as less sweet– hence, soft drinks taste a lot sweeter when they’re at room tem­per­at­ure than out of the fridge.

This box of Healtheries Strawberry Pavlova Tea con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in New Zealand and pur­chased in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014.