Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea

Last week was abso­lutely crazy, and words can­not express how glad I am that this com­ing week looks a lot emp­ti­er. I’m the kind of per­son who likes to have, at most, one social event all week. Some people like to fill their week chock full with social events, but I’m the com­plete oppos­ite — I like to keep my week (includ­ing my week­ends) as empty as pos­sible. I’m an intro­vert; that’s just how I am.

When you have a crazy week, you need go-to tea — a tea that’s good for every occa­sion, but par­tic­u­larly so when you just have too much going on in your life to choose which fancy tea to drink, let alone appre­ci­ate its sub­tleties.

My go-to tea is Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea. It’s a Korean brand, and the only reas­on I dis­covered it was because D dis­covered it from his broth­er, who dis­covered it from his girl­friend.

It brews to a light yel­low col­our and has the nut­ti­ness of roas­ted brown rice. It’s fla­vour is so mild and inof­fens­ive that it’s good to drink all the time — yes, even just before I go to sleep! It’s amaz­ing for busy people who can’t be bothered keep­ing track of how many minutes the tea bag has been steep­ing — the green tea doesn’t cause the tea to go bit­ter even if you leave the tea bag sit­ting in there the entire time you’re drink­ing it.

This box of Dong Suh Brown Rice Green Tea con­tained 50 tea bags. It was packed in Korea and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2014.