Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Infusion

Elderflower is fast becom­ing one of my favour­ite flor­als. I first encountered it in a sample of eld­er­flower Ricola I received back in my first year of uni­ver­sity. It’s been so long that I’m not sure they still make the candy, but at the time, I thought it tasted decent even though I had no idea what eld­er­flower was and didn’t find out until the last year when it star­ted appear­ing every­where in cos­met­ics, drinks, candles, and of course, tea.


This is Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Infusion. I already have a cran­berry and rasp­berry tea, so I was eager to taste the dif­fer­ence made by the addi­tion of eld­er­flower.

As with all Twinings teabags, there are no tiny eld­er­flowers or freeze dried cubes of fruit vis­ible. Infusing the teabag for 4 minutes in 200 ml of boil­ing water yields a clear, deep ruby liquor that smells strongly of those two fruits. The eld­er­flower mak­ing its pres­ence known only in the taste. A first sip gives a very acid­ic berry fla­vour — the sour­ness of cran­ber­ries and the sweet­ness of rasp­ber­ries. The subtle, yet heady, flor­al eld­er­flower notes come through in the body to give a refresh­ing qual­ity to the tea that lingers in the after­taste.

The acid­ity of berry teas tend to make them feel ‘heavy’, and the eld­er­flower here cuts through it to cre­ate an uplift­ing and more enjoy­able tea.

This box of Twinings Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Infusion con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in New Zealand and pur­chased in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014.