Sushizilla, Chippendale

Sushizilla opened late last year in the new shop­ping mall that is Central Park. My col­league is some­how acquain­ted with the own­er, and was singing praises about the fact that it is makes authen­t­ic Japanese food, that is, it’s not some Korean or Chinese inter­pret­a­tion of sushi.

The Sushizilla loc­ated in the food court is quint­es­sen­tially a sushi train res­taur­ant, but it does have a smal­ler kiosk that sells takeaway sushi rolls three floors down. Usually, all non-white plates on the sushi train are $3. There was an open­ing spe­cial where the non-white plates were $2, but I didn’t man­age to make it to the sushi train until just last week when N and I went to sat­is­fy a sushi crav­ing and it was the closest res­taur­ant. I was quite pleased when I’d tried the takeaway kiosk mul­tiple times before.


So, we star­ted with the stand­ard tuna and sal­mon because we rarely eat sushi at a res­taur­ant and not have some tuna or sal­mon.


Fish pre­pared raw is about the only pre­par­a­tion of fish, oth­er than ter­iyaki sal­mon, that I like. Aren’t the rib­bons of col­our pretty?


And then we decided to expand our pal­ate with some sort of white fish (I am ter­rible with telling types of fish apart). I have no idea what the dot of red is on the left sushi — we thought it might have been umeboshi (pickled plums) before we ate it, but we couldn’t taste it.


We also had some sort of mar­in­ated sort of fish that N thought was mack­er­el, but turned out to be rather squeaky, and salty and vin­eg­ary at the same time.


I decided that I wanted octopus sushi as it’d been a long time since I’d had it. Except squid sushi comes around first, which we’d nev­er encountered before, let alone with legs in tact. Now, I can tell you that I am not a fan of raw squid! It’s slimy (but not as slimy as raw scal­lop) and leaves a bad after­taste in your mouth.


Eventually the octopus sushi does come around, though. And it’s cooked, which is a win after hav­ing raw squid.


And we end with a avo­cado and sal­mon roll…


and some sashimi.

The vari­ety of cuisines on offer in Central Park is vast — there’s Malaysian, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese (yakitori and sushi), Indian, Turkish, Brazilian to name a few. But Japanese will always win when I’m asked to choose. So I ended up at Sushizilla Sushi Train again with N for lunch. Except this time, we decided to order some of the dishes that weren’t just going around the train:


We went back a week later and they had crab cro­quette cir­cu­lat­ing. The crab cro­quette tastes far more sat­is­fy­ing when eaten fresh, so that it’s so hot that it burns your mouth, rather than luke­warm.


We also ordered cucum­ber hoso­maki (or kappa­maki), which is eaten between dishes of raw fish as a pal­ate cleanser. But I just like them gen­er­ally.


And sal­mon hoso­maki. They’re both super simple dishes, but ones that I’ve always liked. The was­abi was par­tic­u­larly potent.


This is the prawn nigiri. The prawn nigiri was pretty stand­ard, although this was the first time we’d seen it cir­cu­late.


And this is the bonito tataki, which is really fishy. We saw the bonito tataki on the menu, thought it was some­thing weird but looked safe enough to try, and so ordered it. It’s lightly seared. It’s a rather ‘meaty’ tex­tured fish, but with a very strong ‘fish’ fla­vour to it — so it’s some­thing like fishy beef? I’m not a fan of ginger and so scraped it off the top, but that prob­ably would’ve gone a long way to cut­ting the fishy taste. As for the ran­dom white fish nigiri, apart from being really fishy, it had a slightly squeaky tex­ture to it.

And then there were a few that we’d seen cir­cu­lat­ing but didn’t feel game enough to try pre­vi­ously –


And what is that strange thing? It’s shark fin and jelly fish onigiri. The shark fin and jelly fish don’t have a dis­tinct taste, so it was just a salty, crunchy and crispy nigiri.


Finally, crab meat nigiri. I’d got­ten my hopes up think­ing it might be actu­al actu­al meat. Alas, I was dis­ap­poin­ted because it was a a decon­struc­ted crab­stick. Boo.

Some of the sushi was chal­len­ging, but Sushizilla def­in­itely sat­is­fied my crav­ing for sushi.

Sushizilla is loc­ated at Central Park, Level 2 Shop 204, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.