Pancakes on the Rocks, Northmead


The Devils Delight pan­cakes are one of two items I find myself return­ing to indulge in from Pancakes on the Rocks. I hadn’t had them in a while, so when the occa­sion arose to cel­eb­rate my recent pub­lic­a­tion, I went with D to eat these pan­cakes for break­fast. Yes, break­fast.


What are these Devil Delight pan­cakes? They are ‘chocol­ate pan­cakes with straw­ber­ries, cream, chocol­ate ice cream and drizzled with chocol­ate sauce’.

Now, the descrip­tion is a little mis­lead­ing — they taste less like pan­cakes and more like thin slices of really good chocol­ate cake. And by really good, I mean that they’re just the right amount of fluffy with a decent chocol­ate fla­vour (that is, none of that weak pseudo-chocol­ate fla­vour you get from Asian or red vel­vet cake). I could do with a little less cream, but togeth­er with the ice cream and straw­ber­ries, the pan­cakes were just as I was used to — don’t you like it when you return to a res­taur­ant after a long time and they still make your favour­ite dishes just the same? I do!

Pancakes on the Rocks is loc­ated at 100 Briens Road, Northmead NSW 2152.