Healtheries Pomegranate & Grape Infusion

Pomegranate juice has been all the hype in recent years, but I nev­er under­stood it. I tried to under­stand it by try­ing the juice, but was under­whelmed (it tastes like a less fla­vour­ful, but more sour cran­berry juice?). The hype con­fused me so much that I tried the actu­al fruit, which requires a lot effort to pre­pare when com­pared to an apple. The juice from the pomegranate seeds was nice enough, but the fibrous centre made eat­ing it more effort than it was worth.

So! Pomegranate tea does not super excite me. (It does a little, but I already have one.) But grape tea? Now, that super excites me. I mean, grape tea is just not some­thing you see reg­u­larly — grape fla­vours everything from juice, soft drink, candy and of course, wine, but not tea. Evidently, I bought this tea, Healtheries Pomegranate & grape with Tangy Orange Peel, for the grape.

I’m glad I bought this tea for the grape because the grape is the standout fla­vour in this tea. It smells like a cross between grape cor­di­al and the flor­al non-alco­hol grape juices that you get in glass bottles. It tastes a little like grape cor­di­al too, but the under­tones and after­taste of the zesty orange peel, remind you that it’s not a cor­di­al. I remem­ber a dis­tinct tangi­ness to pomegranate juice, so I asso­ci­ate the tangy under­tones less with the orange peel than with the pomegranate. Zesty is dis­tinct from tangy, the former being the taste from orange skin and the lat­ter being the taste from orange flesh.

This box of Healtheries Pomegranate & Grape Infusion con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in New Zealand and pur­chased in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014.