Healtheries Crisp Green Apple Infusion

Apple tea has been some­what of an obses­sion of mine. Not apple and black­cur­rant, or apple and cin­na­mon, but just plain apple tea. While Turkish and Japanese apple tea powders are always the per­fect mix of apple fla­vour and sweet­ness, I’ve been on the hunt for the per­fect apple tea in tea bag form.


Healtheries Crisp Green Apple Infusion ticks all the boxes for the per­fect green apple tea.

Infused for four minutes in 200 ml of boil­ing water, the tea infuses to a golden yel­low col­our alike that of apple juice from con­cen­trate. There aren’t any vis­ible cubes of dried apple as you might expect from loose tea, but that doesn’t detract from the fla­vour of the tea.

There’s a slight sharp­ness to smell of the tea that reminds one of apple peels. Yet, a sip reveals a roun­ded fla­vour that cap­tures the sour­ness of Granny Smith apples with the more subtle sweeter notes under­neath. The sharp­ness of the apple peels lingers unob­trus­ively in the back­ground. The clean taste of apples comes through in the after­taste. Thankfully, this is one of the few non-leaf Healtheries teas I’ve tried that isn’t sweetened with stevia, which gives a sick­en­ing sweet­ness and after­taste to the tea.

The tea is not com­plex, just a straight­for­ward apple tea with none of the cin­na­mon, nut­meg, or the oth­er spices and fruits that tend to fla­vour most apple teas. And some­times that’s all you want.

This box of Healtheries Crisp Green Apple Infusion con­tained 20 tea bags. It was packed in New Zealand and pur­chased in Auckland, New Zealand in 2014.