Gelatissimo, Chippendale

I’m not obsessed with pink lem­on­ade. Or if I am, its pretty pink col­our has everything to do with it. But to con­tin­ue with the pink lem­on­ade theme from last post, there is such a thing as pink lem­on­ade gelato!

Before last week, I hadn’t had gelato from Gelatissimo for years. Sure enough it’s one of the first large scale gelato places I remem­ber in Sydney, but then they star­ted pop­ping up every­where with the same stock stand­ard fla­vours. And then new gelato stores, like Gelato Messina and Via del Corso, popped up with new inter­est­ing fla­vours, like apple pie and dulce de leche, so that Gelatissimo just seemed bor­ing.

So how did I end up at Gelatissimo? Well, whenev­er N and I have lunch, we always wrap it up with dessert. And my aver­sion to Asian desserts means that we’re short on dessert options around Chinatown. Oh, and it was hot, so that ruled out hav­ing waffles and chocol­ate at Max Brenner. So Gelatissimo it was.

I had scoops of the pink lem­on­ade and pas­sion­fruit gelato. Pink lem­on­ade was my ‘adven­tur­ous’ fla­vour, while pas­sion­fruit was my ‘safe’ fla­vour. The pink lem­on­ade tasted like lem­on­ade (there was noth­ing attrib­ut­able to its pink col­our) — tangy, but not too sweet, with the slight­est hint of car­bon­a­tion. The pas­sion­fruit tasted like the pas­sion­fruit gelato I’m used to at Via del Corso, which is to say that it tasted good even though there wasn’t any­thing par­tic­u­larly dis­tinct­ive about it.

Gelatissimo is loc­ated at Central Park, Lower Ground, Shop RB05A, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008